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Wright Colloquium for Science at the University of Geneva from 2 to 6 November

The University of Geneva will host the 19th Wright Colloquium for Science entitled "The Art of Maths" from 2 to 6 November on the Dufour Campus.

Every evening of the week starting at 6:30 pm, mathematicians will present aspects of their research to highlight the beauty of mathematics. On the menu:

  • “Chaos: unpredictable but understandable” by Etienne Ghys (CNRS, ENS Lyon), 2 November;
  • “Disorder, chance and large numbers” by Laure Saint-Raymond (ENS Lyon), 3 November;
  • “A mathematical journey from the infinitely small to the infinitely large” by Martin Hairer (Imperial College London, Fields medalist), 4 November;
  • “The music of shapes”, by Alain Connes (Paris-Saclay, Ohio State University, Fields medalist) on 5 November;
  • “Mathematics: art or science?” by Stanislav Smirnov (University of Geneva, Fields medalist), 6 November.

Access to individual talks on campus and online is free of charge after online registration on the University of Geneva website. French and English translation will be available for the talks.

From Monday 2 to Friday 6 November - 18h30
Uni Dufour - Rue du Général Dufour 24 - 1204 Geneva
Auditoire Piaget