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Submit your project to the CERN Knowledge Transfer Fund and the Medical Applications Budget

Do you work for CERN and have a project with a potential positive impact on society? Apply for Knowledge Transfer funding opportunities before 24 August

The CERN Knowledge Transfer (KT) Fund and the Medical Applications (MA) Budget are funding projects based on CERN technologies with high potential for a positive impact on society. Over the years, the projects funded have spanned many technological fields and applications, from aerospace and superconductivity to cultural heritage.

Since 2011, 89 projects have been funded, with each project receiving between 15 and 240 kCHF. In order to be considered, a project should be based on CERN technologies, it should have the approval of the department head, and the department should undertake to cover the full salaries of the employed members of the personnel who receive funding.

All CERN personnel are welcome to submit their applications before 24 August 2020. If your technology has the potential for applications in medical or biomedical technologies, you should apply for funding from the CERN Medical Applications Budget and present your project at one of the Medical Applications Project Forum meetings (the next one is on 19 August).


Read more about how to apply for funding here: