1-2 October: Workshop on Applied Quantum Technologies

The Workshop on Applied Quantum Technologies will be held in Erfurt, Germany, on 1 and 2 October 2020. The workshop is organized by CiS e.V.

Exciting lectures from the CiS Research Institute and international speakers from research and industry will provide the framework for ideas, partnerships and applications. Take the opportunity to present your work and company activities in these fields, network with other experts and get up-to-date on current development trends. These topics will be discussed in four sessions:

  1. Quantum Sensing
  2. Quantum Communication
  3. Quantum Enabling Technologies
  4. Quantum Computing

Call for Abstracts
Take the opportunity to present your research and company activities in these areas, to network and to discuss current development trends. The evening program on the 1st evening of the two-day conference offers a pleasant setting for a continuation of the exchange.

In addition to some invited lectures, free technical contributions of about 15 minutes duration with subsequent discussion are planned.

You would like to apply as a speaker for the workshop? Please submit your abstract by 30 June 2020: https://www.cismst.de/workshops/quanten-2020/

The schedule will be set up until mid of July 2020, you will receive the agenda with your program contribution (you will not receive a confirmation of abstract receipt from us). The oral presentation time is max. 15 min, plus 5 minutes discussion time. An additional poster session is also planned. Please describe your presentation title and content exactly. This will enable us to place your contribution in the appropriate session.

At the moment, we are assuming that we will conduct the workshop as planned with personal contact in Erfurt, taking into account all prescribed protective and hygiene measures. Nevertheless, we are aware of how dynamic the developments around COVID-19 are. Therefore we are also looking for options for the implementation as an online workshop. Should there be any changes in the format, we will inform known interested parties by e-mail or you can find current information on the workshop websites.