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A new phonebook for the CERN community


At the beginning of September, the CERN Phonebook was completely rebuilt, along with an additional layer of protection by putting it behind CERN single sign-on (SSO) and excluding lightweight account access. This decision was taken at the end of 2019 by the Management to comply with OC11 principles and provide further protection of personal data of all Members of Personnel. Previously, the default behaviour of the CERN Phone Book was world-wide public visibility of the data.

The User Interface has also been simplified, following privacy principles, in order to show only essential contact information to those with a CERN account. This new version has brought the system up-to-date following the latest development and IT guidelines, and sees improved user experience by making it faster, lighter and more mobile-friendly than the former version of Phonebook. 

Note: If you manage any websites or applications which link to the CERN phonebook, these links may require updating. Some old URL’s will no longer be supported after the CERN annual closure on the 18th December 2020. More information on these URL changes and on the new features of the phonebook is available in the Knowledge Base (log in to view).